About Me

I would like to tell you millions of awesome facts about me but I don’t want to boast … err… bore you.  Below are a few details that should paint enough of a picture.

The name “mansionforme” is based on John 14: 2- 6.  It gets me through each day.

I have had a career in financial services for many years, as recently as a few months ago.  Years ago, I was accepted at Columbia University as an undergraduate as an evening student.  Nose in air, I said, “I want to be a journalist.”  They said, “You have to do an undergraduate degree first then go to grad school.”  I said to myself, “Who is going to pay for that, I would have to work and go to school, it is all the way uptown, it would take so long….” At the time, there was no mentor to tell me the value of having Columbia on my resume. Or the availability of student loans.  What if…?

So I went to a college closer to home and studied Public Accounting and to grad school for a totally different discipline.  Hmmm.  I’ve earned a decent living so I am not complaining.  Glad to get back to my first love, though.  This is the start.

At heart, I am a traveler.  I worked in London for three weeks as a consultant and one week in Poland.  In the USA, I worked in many great cities, including San Francisco, CA; Charleston, NC; and Green Bay, WI.  For pleasure – meaning that a deep-pocket client did not pick up expenses – I have traveled to all continents except Australia and Antarctica.  Lord willing, I’ll remedy the Australia deficiency in December this year.

I’ve done Spain and Italy in Europe; Morocco (one-day trip from the south of Spain), Botswana, Zambia and South Africa in Africa; Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica in Central America; Ecuador, Uruguay Argentina in South America; Thailand; Canada; British and US Virgin Islands and many West Indian islands.

Now the above might seem like a lot to some, but when I look at a map of the world, it does not seem like much.  So I have turned off the financial services switch and I am putting my traveling shoes on.  I’ll post updates on my activities when I have something new to report.

I am a fearless traveler, though a finicky one.  My desire to get out and interact and absorb more culture will necessitate less finicky-ness.  I know this and I am telling myself already, in response to certain things that might come my way, such as holes in the ground for toilets in some places, “Get over it!


  • Words and how people use them fascinate me.
  • Health is important to me so I grudgingly power walk almost three miles at least three times a week, and include strength training.  Did I say grudgingly?
  • I love to entertain many people at the same time. No more than twice a year will do for the ‘many people,’  thank you very much.
  • I know how to mix things up to appear as if I have more clothes than dirt
    Well, I actually might, but, you know…
  • I never paying 100% for anything.
    Why should anyone?
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